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Our mission :communicate to transform

Born from a desire to document and expose corporate social, environmental and human initiatives; Pastel Fluo Productions’ mission is to promote the positive impact they create through high quality video content. Founded by people from the advertising and television production world, Pastel Fluo Productions stands out because it is above all a social driven company, putting the experience and talent of its employees at the service of society by marrying the aesthetics of images with rich and inspiring content.

We believe that each of us has a responsibility to participate in the change we want to see in the world, and that organizations have an important role to play in this transition. Video content is one of the best marketing tool to unveil their actions, as it allows those organization to effectively and tangibly communicate their values and purpose, while demonstrating business as a force for good.

The idea of business as an agent of change and a purveyor of positive values is gaining traction and legitimacy around the world. With a growing number of businesses taking steps to be more responsible in how they treat employees, communities and the planet, we are seeing business emerge as a real player and solution-provider in the quest to put our world on a better course. Recent studies have just revealed that millenials evoke loudly the desire to work for authentic and purpose-driven companies that inspire them, which are also commited to giving back to the community.

In tomorrow’s world, the most successful companies will be those that bring value to the society by creating a three-dimensional impact: economic, ecological and social.

Fueled by a strong desire to create an impact, here, today, we want to contribute, through our expertise to shine a light on leaders, employees, citizens and activists who decide to review our current models and initiate inspiring social practices. We believe that by joining forces we can do great things!

Our team

Joanie Lacroix

Joanie Lacroix

Producer & Director

Lead Producer in advertising, branded content and TV for more than 10 years, Joanie decided in 2015 to combine her years of experience with her deep values, in pursuit of her take in the world's positive change. In her new role of director, content producer and executive producer, Joanie has developed an expertise in content creation that promotes respect for humans, the environment, integrity and social responsibility.

Joanie Lacroix

Éric Hamelin

Strategy Advisor

Entrepreneur, creator and business manager for more than 10 years, Eric, thru his leadership role in different agencies, observe and review on a daily base different business models from a multitude of sectors and industries. Inspired by creativity and new innovative models of communication, Eric enable businesses in the development of their overall strategy towards social impact and how to efficiently showcase it.

Joanie Lacroix

Luc Bourque

Director & Director of Photography

With a school background in communication and scriptwriting, Luc is a documentary filmmaker who conceptualizes, organizes and directs... in addition to the technical aspect (photography and editing). Given his passion for all aspects around the shoot (the face to face, the untold), he dedicates his career to small task force video shoot as a director and videographer. Since 2006, he has produced more than 1,500 videos and toured across North America and Europe.